For the woman who is ready to take on every area of her life with committed action, deep internal work, full expression, while living connected to her purpose. 

In our 11 week intensive group program together we will:
> Craft a personal blueprint of your True Self that we will be working    together on expanding and expressing throughout our 12 months together.  This will include your Vision, your month by month goals, and your Rituals that will all be working towards the fullest expression of YOU.

> Relationship with Self- We’ll be diving deep into your mindset, emotional healing, shadow work, sensual expression, uncovering/revealing blocks/stories.

> Lineage Healing/Releasing Trauma- We will work closely together to identify what you are carrying forward that isn't actually YOURS. Having you break patterns and cycles so that moving forward YOU have a new choice and so do your children (born or unborn). We will also work deeply moving the traumas through your body to create space within.

> Values, Boundaries and Standards- What most women are missing! This will change your life in ALL areas. We will get Crystal Clear on what you want and need in all areas of your life. We will identify your standards and boundaries and work together to make sure you are living in FULL ALIGNMENT with your values.
> Redefining and Healing Your Relationship with Men- We will be diving deep into Understanding Men and Learning How they Operate, so that you can learn to be in powerful healthy relationship with the men in your life, romantic, family and friends. This will change EVERYTHING for you.

> Developing Your Essence/Sharing your Medicine- We’ll work together to discover what your True Self looks like: how does she express herself out in the world? Accentuating the parts of your True Self that are truly your unique brilliance. This will have you leaving an unforgettable experience with those who come into contact with you and be operating mostly from the confidence within you.

> 3 Day In Person Retreat all expenses paid minus flights— At a sacred location, together we’ll dive into the deep work we can only do in person.  From a curated ceremony to access your Higher Self, Breathwork to photo shoots to capture your beautiful essence, we’ll mix various modalities to ensure you have a great time, while leaving with in a new experience of yourself in a place of Self Mastery.


> Relationship Mastery: We’ll be working deeply on mastering all of the current relationships you have in your life, as well as calling in the relationships you crave. Because relationships are the FOUNDATION for success in ALL areas!

> Expressing Your Purpose: Throughout the year, we’ll be working together on expanding your impact in the world through your business offerings. We’ll touch on bringing all the work we do together into your branding and messaging.

> Full Life Assessment & Strategy: we’ll get clear on which areas of your life need to the most TLC, and then we’ll get to work on bringing those areas to excellence.
> Honing Your Gifts: What is it that you were meant to bring into this world? What is the purpose that has been hand written on your soul? We’ll work together in pulling that out, and creating a path of purpose in your work that lights you up and feels deeply aligned.

> Fierce Accountability: Week by week I’ll be checking in with you to ensure your on track with your blueprint, and offering you feedback about how to adjust and stretch to ensure you’re honouring the Self that you’re stepping into.
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Amy is the real deal...a true student and facilitator of the work.

Her heart shines through all of the wisdom she gives to the world on a daily basis.

If you’re considering working with her it’s a no brainer, do it now! 

She will guide you back to your heart and back to a place of peace while keeping you accountable and grounded.

It's rare to meet someone as committed to the work as Amy. 
She truly takes herself on so that she can continue to serve her clients to the highest capacity possible. 

Her gentle and loving approach, paired with her deep commitment to service and results, are an outstanding combination!

Transformational Leader, Author, Entrepreneur, & Humanitarian 


Amy’s love and commitment for living a life on the edge of her comfort zone & her willingness to always grow to become the woman she needs to be to live the life she desires is inspirational & aspirational.

 She has a deep desire to serve which means she is a special one to be around if you want to live a life of excellence.

I highly recommend her work.

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